Posted on November 06, 2020 by Josh Puttock

What is isometric exercise? Simply put, is it an exercise which is performed with a muscle engagement without a movement.

Why isometric exercises? It is fun! It is competitive! It can be performed with a gym buddy or at home. It builds strength, doesn’t stress the joints and speeds up recovery from injury.

Golden Rule: Squeeze your muscles, don’t forget to breathe, maintain a perfect posture and hold it as long as you can and take a short break in-between the exercises.

  1. PRISONER SQUAT HOLD: Place your hands behind your head, squat parallel to the floor and hold.
  2. PRESS UP HOLD: Start in a press up position, lower to the bottom phase of the movement (lower yourself close to the floor) and hold.
  3. HOLLOW HOLD: Lie on your back with arms and legs in the air forming a ‘C’ shape, engage your core and hold.

All exercises are pictured below, demonstrated by one of the our PTs – Jahmain.

Compete against yourself, compete against your buddy and compete against all gym users by posting your timings on Virtuagym (snap a picture for more fun!).

Prisoner squat hold

















Press up hold


















Hollow hold

















We look forward to hearing and seeing your results!