Posted on November 09, 2020 by Gordon Smith

More and more developers are installing a wide range of leisure amenities in new build blocks in an effort to stand out and attract the higher sales values. Whilst most amenities are a welcome addition to a development, what happens when things go wrong? How do you deal with the fall-out and does your team have the knowledge of gym equipment or pool operations to be able to appease a resident who can’t go for their morning workout or swim?

Taking time to assess your needs

Residential leisure management comes in different shapes and sizes and, as with building management, a one size fits all approach will not work; in the same way as buildings have different requirements, gyms and pools have particular requirements too.

A good leisure management contract will take into account all elements of the facility and the development’s vision and can be tailored to meet these requirements and objectives.

Dedicating time to your facility

All management contracts require time on-site but how much time is really required?

All of motive8’s contracts involve an annual audit of the facility. From there we will tailor each contract to the level of support that is required by each client. Some clients like the re-assurance of a presence on-site each week, others are happy with the annual audit and the occasional phone call; generally, most fall somewhere in the middle with quarterly on-site meetings being the norm.

What is involved in a management contract?

First and foremost a management contract is support. Support in running and maintaining a specialist area of your building.

A leisure management company needs the knowledge and experience to be able to support in any situation by drawing on past experience and current industry best practice. It is essential that whoever you appoint to manage the facility has this knowledge.

Taking the current COVID-19 pandemic as an example, how would you find out about when the guidance on the operations of gyms and pools changes? Very little information is announced on the news unless it is a local lockdown. A leisure management company will take this off your hands to ensure you are acting on the most up to date information and guidance available.

Support when things go wrong

Gym equipment maintenance

Nobody wants equipment to break and most residents are understanding provided swift action is taken to repair the broken equipment.

A good management company will ensure minimal down-time of the equipment by liaising directly with the maintenance contractor on your behalf. Some will even be able to install a temporary replacement if the repairs are likely to take longer than normal.

Improving the resident experience

Along with providing advice on regulations and compliance, a leisure management company needs to be adding value to the residents’ experience and striving to improve the overall wellbeing of the development. This can be done through wellbeing workshops, running and walking clubs, group exercise classes, boot camps and much more.

Competitions among residents or even between developments is a great way to build camaraderie and friendships among residents whilst offering some light-hearted competition.

About motive8

motive8 is an established market leader, providing everything from bespoke home gyms and fitness studios to spas, pools and large scale fully managed sites.

Since 2000, we have fitted hundreds of facilities globally, delivering high quality solutions to our customers. We also provide project consultancy, equipment supply, facility management and maintenance and personal training services.

motive8 is privately owned and managed by one of its original founders, Nick Sadler. With a team of experts in design, operations, health & safety and fitness services, motive8 are well positioned to be able to offer innovative, on-trend solutions that will surpass the user’s expectations and provide a facility which is well ahead of the competition.

We also have a number of personal trainers, many of whom are qualified in rehab and nutrition, as well as a team of beauty professionals, to deliver services in our managed spas or from our training hubs in London and Leeds.

In 2014 we achieved ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, a platform for us to deliver high performance and customer satisfaction.

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